In response to a query from a client: ultimately the local Field Office in conjunction with the main office that issues the “Conditional Commitment” once loan file has been approved by our Underwriter. 99% of the time, determining eligibility is as easy as cross-referencing the property address against the Eligibility Map

On rare occasions it’s not so clear. I’ve personally been involved in a tug-of-war with the USDA Commitment issuer (in this case in Elk Grove, CA) who overturned eligibility on a property that even the local Field Office worker in Indio, CA (who was staring at the map) felt was eligible.
Remember, Appraisers do NOT determine geographic eligibility.

12 Responses to “Who determines USDA Property Geographic Eligibility for zero down?”
  1. MarshaM7088 says:

    sounds too unpredictable. why can’t they just go with a ready-made map? also i looked at that site u referenced and that map downloads so freaking slow! is that all thats out there for figuring out if an area fits???

    • Administrator says:

      Marsha, yea no kidding! a lot of us in the Lending industry wish the USDA would update their eligibility map system. The one thats online is pretty archaic . Best thing to do is use their Eligibility site to make sure the home you’re looking at is eligible, and if in doubt, feel free to go to our “Contact Us” tab and send us the property address in question so we can double check for you. Truth be told often we have to cross reference a Google map or Mapquest image and compare it to the USDA Eligibility Map by zooming in to make sure.

  2. Suresh.V says:

    hey is it true there are others areas ‘eligible’ not just whats on that lame map at the usda map?? my realtor told me thre was some stuff eligible here by the I-10 east riverside county (?)
    Thousand Palms, CA

  3. Julia says:

    Sounds good

  4. Julia says:

    why they were personally involved in tug-of-war

  5. sabrina says:

    oh why they were personally involved in tug-of-war?

  6. Marsha says:

    why is’t it so clear?

  7. Marsha says:

    why they were personally involved ?

  8. Karliemarsha says:

    oh why they were personally involved?

  9. Irish says:

    Hey I am in Temecula and there’s one side of the street that’s “eligible” and the other side is not. How is this possible????

  10. Rombert says:

    I am looking at the eligibility map at the USDA site and I cant tell if the property I am looking at is in the light yellow eligible area or the orange ineligible. (?)

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