0.5% Down instead of 3.5% for FHA anywhere in CA. Get the scoop by reading our complete training manual

4 Responses to “This FHA is hotter than the usual – only 0.5% Down in CA!”
  1. Administrator says:

    Just a reminder, there are Income limits on this program folks and right now its only good in California!

  2. Angeline says:

    what if already own a home?? What restrictions are there? My sister bought a home using this a while back and I thought she said you couldn’t own another house ?

  3. Zax says:

    Do you get the 3% as a Gift or do you need to pay it back?? I cant tell from reading that booklet thingy.

    • Administrator says:

      The 3% is an actual Loan that you pay back through fixed monthly payments. Presently the interest rate is 8.25% amortized over 15 yr term.
      For example if you purchase a $100,000 home you’d get a $3,000 Access 2nd behind a regular FHA loan (approx 96.5% Loan to value).
      This leaves you downpayment requirement at $500.

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